Looking at someone’s face and seeing a character, a story……this inspires me. Storytelling through photos or videos makes my heart go thump and my soul sings.
My motto is, “Telling a Story through the Lens”. We all have stories whether you are a professional, model, baker or a student.

I’ve had many great teachers along my path and fell in love with photography and videography. My TV production background and storytelling gave me the experience to see and think visually. Working as a model in my 20s helps me with my Fashion photography now.



Our company brings the expertise of creative, inspired photography and video production. We work on a project from start to finish and offer competitive rates.

Our skills span fashion photography to advertising, architecture to individual photography and everything else between.

I’ve been shooting for advertising and businesses in the GTA the past few years, both photos and videos. Because of our many years of broadcasting background we understand budgets, equipment, lighting and creative directions.

I want to be as creative as possible with everything I endeavor and will bring this and my enthusiasm to your assignment....inspired by you.



Ania Photography owns the latest lighting equipment, Canon cameras and lenses, also Rhino sliders for video, a Ronin M for video stabilization, LED video lights and a couple of Mavic drones.

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